External Facades Cleaning Services in Singapore

External Facades Cleaning

Cleaning of buildings particularly the facade, which are high-rise poses danger to most real state owners. Most tends to neglect such need and thus leave their buildings with accumulated dirt for many years citing the dangers to wash them. The fact is your building also reflects the quality of services you provide as well as depiction of your professionalism.

Building Cleaning Services can be made easy by employing competent cleaning services with competitive cleaning technique like rope access. Rope access is the safest and most productive technique of cleaning the facade only if executed in line with the international standards.

External facade cleaning is difficult and could be dangerous for anyone including real estate owners. Most owners have a big tendency to neglect this need, leaving buildings a lot of accumulated dirt for years because they say it is dangerous to wash them. The truth is, how your building looks is a representation of what kind of service you give to your clients.

That is why building facade cleaning services is what you need because they make it easy for you to keep your building clean. Rope Access cleaning uses a technique that is unlike any other external facade cleaning in Singapore. Aside from being the safest and most efficient in facade cleaning, they only use international standards when cleaning.

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Industrial Rope Access Services

External Facades Cleaning Services in Singapore

If you want a different way to access great heights by using another method instead of just the typical platforms and scaffolding, you should get the services of a facade cleaning company in Singapore. Rope Access understands that it is really frustrating to only have limited access, and it can even become difficult in some circumstances.

The good thing about the facade cleaning services of Rope Access is using methods that minimizes disruption in the business area and efficiency in mobilization. There is no need to worry about equipment that must be on the site overnight.

The professional Rope Access technician has an experience of over ten years in commercial, residential, and general maintenance of a building.

Building Maintenance and Inspection Services in Singapore

External Facades Cleaning Services in SingaporeAside from giving excellent facade cleaning services in Singapore, we also provide building maintenance services. It is important to maintain building premises to preserve assets, protect the occupants of the building and keep the environment healthy, safe, and clean to work in.

Rope Access cleaning and maintenance involves careful and thorough inspection of every detail of your building. The materials, structure, and cosmetic appearance of the building will be checked including the man-made features. Window cleaning is also part of the process because it is part of keeping your building’s appearance pleasant.

Actually, if the building has higher properties, then it is better for high level building inspectors to make sure that all occupants are safe and larger problems can be prevented from developing.

Installation of Structure Services in Singapore

External Facades Cleaning Services in SingaporeRope Access cleaning services utilize special equipment to support the labor force who work at high places that are hard to reach.

By using this technique, there is no need for cradles, scaffolding, or aerial work platforms. In addition, we can ascend, descend, and traverse ropes to access all spots since there is a harness.

Rope Access is a versatile way of reaching high level steelwork in any structure. We use special equipment to navigate the steelwork and carry out cleaning to remove every dust and dirt on the surface.

It is an efficient, safe, and effective way to clean steelwork in hard-to-reach areas like curtain walls and atriums in commercial buildings.

External Sealant Repair Work Services in Singapore

External Facades Cleaning Services in SingaporeSealants are used in construction to keep fluids and other substances from entering through joints, surfaces, or other openings.

The silicon sealing repair may need special skills and access. We work on any missing, damaged, or crack sealing in the building’s brickwork.

Installation of Pipeline System Services in Singapore

External Facades Cleaning Services in SingaporeBuildings have gutters and drainages that require regular cleaning by removing the dirt/debris that clogs hoppers and drain holes that could lead to expensive issues.

Fire sprinkles are used in Singapore to reduce the risk of fires and other dangerous injuries. Certain heights make it difficult to install pipework for Sprinkler systems, but we do it differently.

Rope Access can reach those areas that are dangerous and hard to get to.

Installation of Lifeline Safety System and Equipment Services in Singapore

External Facades Cleaning Services in SingaporeA lifeline offers fall protection safety by using an open fence of wire and stanchions that secures a perimeter to prevent falls.

In case the fall cannot be prevented, the fall protection lifeline systems will be the next layer of protection against falls. The lifeline systems are also used for arresting workers in case they fall or for keeping the worker from reaching the ground by using restraint. And this is why we can provide the safest window cleaning services in Singapore.

Hire an Expert Service Provider

These are the services we provide and you can contact us anytime whether you only need a simple Singapore window cleaning to more difficult maintenance jobs of your building.

If you need a window cleaning Singapore company, you can contact B2S Rope Access service provider in Singapore for your facade cleaning services regularly. The amount you will spend for building cleaning does not compare to the benefits that it will bring you in the long run, especially if it is done regularly. Do not hesitate to contact a facade cleaning company in Singapore today!