Building Assessment & Evaluation Services in Singapore

Building Assessment & Evaluation Services

Building assessment & evaluation services are critical in many different situations like buying and selling of buildings, renovation, repair, maintenance, repurposing, and taking out commercial property loans. This process contains the inspection, evaluation, and reporting on the health of various building components and systems. These systems include structures, interiors, exteriors, roofing, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, vertical transportation, and site components like parking lots, walkways, and garages.

What are Building Assessment & Evaluation Services?

For any building owner, it is an absolute must to give special considerations to building assessment and evaluation services from a trusted provider like B2S Specialist. It is more of a health check that determines whether the building is safe to occupy or not. A typical building assessment will consider the following factors:

  • Structure assessment: Structural health monitoring and assessment will likely look at faults and damage in structural components like foundations, walls, floors, doors, windows, pillars, and joints. This is very important if the structure is old or if it might have been damaged by earthquakes.
  • Electrical Systems Assessment: Mishaps in electrical systems such as short circuits can cause a huge loss of life and property. Moreover, in high-rise buildings, controlling fires can be extremely difficult. Therefore, we have to make sure that safety systems have been properly placed to prevent such mishaps.
  • Transportation systems: Transportation systems such as elevators and moving walkways also need timely assessment. They require timely repair and maintenance to prevent any serious incidents and injuries.
  • Other systems and components: In addition to the systems discussed above, inspectors may also assess various other systems and components like drainage, parking lots and garages, lighting, interior, and finishing.

Why Do You Need Building Assessment & Evaluation Services?

  • Buying or selling real estate: Building assessment is essential for both the buyer and the seller of a house. For the buyers, building assessment & evaluation services can include asset valuation, which can help in the negotiation of a deal. For the buyers, it helps to decide whether the investment is worthy or not. Similarly, the seller can consider renovation to get a better deal. On the other hand, buyers can plan a budget if the responsibility of renovation comes to their side.
  • Commercial property loans: Most of the banks require a building assessment, often as a part of Property Condition Assessment, before issuing commercial property loans. When both the bank and the building owners have the knowledge of costs of ownership, it will increase the chances of approval of loans.
  • Renovation and maintenance: Building assessment is very important for renovation and maintenance. Building owners might have to renovate and repair due to new environmental regulations and building codes.
  • Repurposing: Sometimes, there might be a change in how the building will be used. This is typical if different types of businesses and organizations want to repurpose buildings for maximum efficiency.

Who Needs Building Assessment & Evaluation Services?

Building assessment & evaluation are necessary for persons or organizations that own or are looking for a huge structure, specifically a building. You may be a buyer of real estate who wants to know if the investment is worth it or too risky. Similarly, you might be a seller wishing to understand the value of your asset so that you can better negotiate. Or maybe you are looking for a commercial property loan and the bank has asked for an evaluation of the building.

When choosing building assessment & evaluation services, it is important that you consider some key points. First, your service provider must have proven expertise and experience in a wide range of disciplines. Depending on the urgency and the budget, you should also consider how long it will take to prepare the report and how much it will cost.

For your building assessment and evaluation needs, feel free to contact us and give us a quote. Our team would be more than willing to assist you.