Anchor Point Pull Out Test Services in Singapore

Anchor Point Pull Out Test Services

Anchor points pull out testing is a necessary means of ensuring the reliability of installed anchor points in a building. This test gives an understanding of whether or not the anchor points will handle the required load during a real-world fall protection incident. For permanent anchor points, testing and verifying once for a precalculated load is enough. However, for temporary anchors, you must carry out this test for every new load capacity.

What are Anchor Point Pull Out Test Services?

Anchor points are the points where the workers connect their lifeline or a lanyard. When a worker falls from a height, he gets suspended on a rope about the anchor point. In this situation, a huge load is exerted on these points. Anchor point pull out test services work on these points, offering reliable fall protection systems.

When installing anchor points as a part of a fall protection system, you must test its load handling capacity. The process of testing the load capacity is called anchor point pull out testing. Depending on the type of installation, the need for load testing may vary.

If you install permanent anchors with a predefined load capacity target, testing once may be enough. For temporary anchors which might be installed frequently for different loads, capacities should be tested after every installation.

Anchor point pull out test services assess the anchor point’s load handling capacity. While performing the pull out test, anchor bolts must handle the required forces. Since this is a critical test for what should be a foolproof system, we recommend you get professional services from a good provider.

Why Do You Need Anchor Point Pull Out Test Services?

Now that you have learned the basics of anchor point pull out test services, you might be wondering why it is so essential. These are the reasons you need anchor point pull out test services:

  • Ensuring load handling capacity: Pull out testing can tell if the anchor points can handle the load that you have specified. If the installation is permanent, testing once is enough. On the other hand, if the installation is a temporary and flexible type, you should test after every installation.
  • Ensuring safety for workers: Anchor points should be a no-fail system. It is where the worker working at heights will connect their lifeline. If the load exerted during fall is greater than what the anchor point can handle, the worker will fall and may die or be seriously injured.
  • Securing your reputation: Properly testing safety systems, especially when it can be a life or death situation, is extremely vital for an employer’s reputation. First, it shows that you are fully committed to the safety of tour workers, especially when the environment is dangerous. Secondly, it avoids lawsuits as a result of serious or fatal injuries.

Who Needs Anchor Point Pull Out Test Services?

After learning about what anchor points pull out tests do and why it is important, let us talk about who needs it and when.

  • New Building Owners: New building owners who have put in place anchor points and want to test their reliability will want this service.
  • Safety System Evaluators: While carrying out building condition assessments, inspectors might also have to assess the reliability of safety systems.
  • Rope Access Workers: Rope access providers like B2S Specialist need anchor point pull out test services before they can confidently carry out their work at dangerous heights.

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