Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services in Singapore

Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services

Reaching desired locations on high-rise buildings for purposes like cleaning and maintenance is both difficult and dangerous without the right tools. Here, we talk about anchor point installation and load testing services, which help maintain a safe working environment at significant heights.

What are Anchor Point Installation and Load Testing Services?

Anchor points are an integral part of fall protection systems, which protect workers working on high-rise buildings. The worker will connect what is called a lifeline or a lanyard to the anchor point. Anchors come in different forms, depending on the type of structure and the job. However, we can classify them into two major categories: permanent and temporary.

Permanent anchor points are put in place with precalculated load capacity and design parameters. Similarly, temporary anchors are flexible, put in place according to the design requirements at the given time, and can be removed later. Furthermore, we also see designs that have been improvised without adhering to any specific standard.

Load testing is also an important part of anchor point installation and is used to check if the anchor can hold the specified load for which it was designed. Most importantly, while performing load testing, we must make sure that we do not use the load exerted while pulling or tugging as the load exerted by a falling person will be much greater.

Remember that installing the anchor points is only one part of the solution. As an employer, you should consider having passive fall protection systems in the first place. Similarly, you should also have procedures for rescuing and returning workers safely to the ground. Furthermore, you should provide the equipment and clothing necessary for safe work. Moreover, you should also educate your workers about the use of equipment, and the necessary regulations and procedures.

Why Do You Need Anchor Point Installation and Load Testing Services?

Working on high-rise buildings is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It may cause fatal accidents without proper consideration of the safety of the workers. Such accidents can cause irreversible damage to the organization’s reputation. For example, if a worker faces severe injuries or dies from a fall, you can expect serious lawsuits.

Therefore, we suggest that companies and building owners assure full safety to workers working in dangerous environments.

On the other hand, using equipment at heights also requires fall protection systems. This includes forklift platforms, suspended equipment, and elevated work platforms. Similarly, when such equipment moves over significant heights, the person carrying the equipment should also be fully safe.

Who Needs Anchor Point Installation and Load Testing Services?

Businesses and organizations employing workers at significant heights require anchor point installation and load testing services, as a part of their fall protection systems. Although regulations may differ, if there are areas where people can fall from a height of 10 feet, or 3 meters, into the ground, operating machinery, or hazardous materials or objects, you require the installation.

Choosing a professional rope access service provider critical to ensure the safety of workers in high-rise buildings. First, you should make sure that the provider is well certified with international standards. Second, look if the provider has significant experience in the field. This is key to a long-lasting relationship that is a win-win for both parties.

With B2S Specialist rope access services, you get world-class anchor point installation and load testing services that guarantee a safe working environment for your workers. Our unmatched experience in this field means our services are quick, while still adhering to international standards.

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