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Our Industrial Rope Access Services in Singapore Includes:

If you’re looking for a better alternative to access work at heights methods rather than using scaffolding or mobile platforms. It can be really frustrating having limited access most of the time or even difficult access structures created by Architects.

The Advantage of using Rope Access methods not only minimizes disruption for your business area but delivers fast yet efficient mobilization. Now you don’t have to worry about equipment that needs to remain on-site overnight.

Our Professional rope access technician has more than 10 year’s experience in Commercial, Residential and Maintenance too.

External Facades Cleaning Services in Singapore

External Facades Cleaning Services

A building must not only be functional, it should also be aesthetically appealing too. However, cleaning of buildings, particularly the facade, can pose danger to everyone. Fortunately, this can be made easy by employing competent Cleaning Services with competitive cleaning techniques like rope access. It is the safest and most productive technique of cleaning the facade only if executed in line with the international standards.

Professional cleaners usually use rope access cleaning and maintenance methods to clean high buildings. They typically use nylon ropes, along with descent mechanisms to clean building exteriors from top to bottom. To do this, a worker will be attached to an anchor, that is attached to the roof. You don’t have to worry about such hazards as our cleaning crew will do it for you.

External Facades Cleaning Services in Singapore

Building Maintenance & Inspection Services

Maintaining your building premises is necessary in order to preserve the assets, as well as protect the building and the occupants. Proper building maintenance makes sure that the building and the environment remain healthy, clean and a safe place to work or reside.

Rope Access building inspections involve close inspection. It doesn’t only consist of the materials and the structure, but also the cosmetic appearance of a building plus other man-made features. The higher the buildings/properties, it is more necessary to conduct high level building inspections. This keeps everyone safe and prevents further larger problems developing.

Building Maintenance & Inspection Services in Singapore

Installation of Structure System Services in Singapore

Installation of Structure System Services

Our Rope Access Technicians use specialized equipment to support the labour force working at high or hard-to-reach places. By doing so, there will be no need for any cradles, aerial work platforms, or scaffolding. Plus, we are able to traverse, descend, or ascend ropes for access while working since the harness suspends us.

We have an extremely versatile method of accessing high level structural steelwork. This technique is performed using aid climbing where rope access technicians use their Specialist Equipment and knowledge to safely navigate around steelwork and carry out cleaning works such as the removal of dust and dirt.

Installation of Structure System Services in Singapore

External Sealant Repair Work Services

Sealants are used in construction to prevent fluids and other substances from passing through material surfaces, joints, or openings. We specialise in repairing missing, cracked or damaged mastic sealing in brickwork movement (expansion) joints, around the window frames, glazing or glass-works.

This kind of installation and repair is one of the main parts of our abseiling snagging services. B2S Specialist Pte Ltd will be proud to provide our professional inspection, repair services and abseiling snagging services via Rope Access Services.

External Sealant Repair Work Services in Singapore

 Installation of Pipeline System Services in Singapore

Installation of Pipeline System Services

Most buildings have drainage and gutter systems that need regular cleaning by removing dirt or debris which can clog hoppers and drain holes causing costly issues.

Also, fire sprinklers systems are quite common in Singapore. It’s being utilised for reducing risk of fires and other consequent injuries/death related. Certain heights/areas make it harder to install pipework for Sprinklers systems. This is why Rope access allows operatives to safely abseil areas where a risk of falling from height is present.

 Installation of Pipeline System Services in Singapore

Installation of Lifeline Safety System & Equipment Services

A lifeline is a fall protection safety device in the form of an open fence composed of wire and stanchions secured around the perimeter of an area to prevent accidental falls.

In circumstances where fall cannot be prevented, Fall protection lifeline systems will be your next line of fall protection. Lifeline systems can be used to arrest workers in the event of a fall (active system) or restrain workers from reaching fall hazard (restraint).

Installation of Lifeline Safety System & Equipment Services in Singapore

Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services

Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services

Working at significant heights is one of the most dangerous tasks that require careful attention to safety equipment, regulation, and procedures. As an employer, it is your duty to employ fall protection systems that prevent serious injuries and deaths due to falling from heights. You must also keep in mind that any such mishaps will surely tarnish your reputation and bring a wave of lawsuits.

With B2S Group, you get reliable anchor point installation and load testing services for both temporary and permanent anchor points. We can help you with both permanent and temporary anchor points based on your load capacity requirements. On the other hand, we also provide service for custom-designed anchor points. Partner with us for a world-class service at low costs, ensure full safety and build confidence in your workers.

Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services

Anchor Point Pull Out Test Services

Anchor points pull out testing is a necessary means of ensuring the reliability of installed anchor points in a building. This test gives an understanding of whether or not the anchor points will handle the required load during a real-world fall protection incident. For permanent anchor points, testing and verifying once for a precalculated load is enough. However, for temporary anchors, you must carry out this test for every new load capacity.

Besides ensuring a safe working environment, pull out testing gives confidence to your workers. Likewise, it also boosts your reputation as an employer and prevents lawsuits due to serious or fatal injuries. Therefore, we recommend that you get professional help from a reliable testing service provider like B2S Specialist.

Anchor Point Pull Out Test Services

High Pressure Water Jet Roof Cleaning Services

High Pressure Water Jet Roof Cleaning Services

High pressure water jet roof cleaning is an effective roof cleaning method. Using highly pressurized water, this method can remove almost all types of debris ranging from dirt and stains to algae and mould infestations. This prevents deterioration of the appearance and the condition of your roofs. Similarly, it also prevents any health risks resulting from such accumulation. Furthermore, the chemical-free nature of this process minimizes the risk of exposure of both living and non-living objects to harmful chemicals.

When you choose a reliable high pressure water jet roof clean service, you can get a better return on your investments. Since you do not have to do this frequently, you can save on the cost of owning expensive equipment and labour. Furthermore, since this can be a dangerous job, you should rely on the expertise and supervision of highly experienced professionals.

High Pressure Water Jet Roof Cleaning Services

Building Assessment & Evaluation Services

Building assessment and evaluation is a critical process in many different situations like buying and selling of buildings, renovation, repair, maintenance, repurposing, and taking out commercial property loans. This process contains the inspection, evaluation, and reporting on the health of various building components and systems. These systems include structures, interiors, exteriors, roofing, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, vertical transportation, and site components like parking lots, walkways, and garages.

With B2S Group’s building assessment services, you get a full detailed reporting of the present health status of your building. Our services range across buildings of various sizes and types from low and mid-rise apartments to high-rise institutional buildings. Likewise, you will also get a complete identification of all existing faults and deficiencies with the nature of their severity. Furthermore, we also provide recommendations on repair and renovation to adhere to new building codes and environmental regulations.

Building Assessment & Evaluation Services

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